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Sarcopenia Information

People have long believed age related frailty, muscle loss and other signs associated with aging are inevitable. However, researchers are looking for ways to slow the aging process, specifically in relation to the loss of muscle mass and strength. There are currently no medicines available to patients to treat sarcopenia or muscle weakness associated with frailty. Sarcopenia is thought to affect 30% of individuals over 60 years of age and more than 50% of people over 80 years, which as of 2010 equates to 18 million people, and continues to rise.

Learn more about Sarcopenia, including commonly used terms, below:

Sarcopenia FAQs

Definition, causes and information on the study medication.

Glossary of sarcopenia terminology

A list of common terms pertaining to Sarcopenia with definitions.

Sarcopenia Eligibility

See if you may be eligible to participate in this study.

Frailty is another term used to describe the decline in function seen with aging. Sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass and function with age, is a common part of frailty. Watch a video about frailty:

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