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NASH Pre-Screener
1. Answer the questions  
Are you at least 18 years old?
Have you been diagnosed with either NASH, OR Obesity and Type II Diabetes by a doctor in the past two years?
Are you pregnant or a nursing mother?
Are you taking obeticholic acid (OCA or Ocaliva™)?
Do you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse in the past twelve months?
Have you been diagnosed with cirrhosis, liver disease other than NASH, or severe liver impairment?
Do you have Type I Diabetes?
Have you had prior bariatric surgery, or do you plan to have bariatric surgery in the near future?
Have you participated in any other drug studies within the past 30 days?
Can you swallow capsules?
Are you willing to take study medication for a 12 week period?
Are you willing to attend study visits for up to a 20 week period?

2. Choose study site  
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Crystal KOL2 Crystal KOL trial - PI Email
eRecruitment Crystal KOL - Thank You Email
trial Crystal KOL - Admin Email
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Thank you for your interest in this clinical trial. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.  
Please keep this confirmation number for future reference:  

Thank you for your interest. Based on your responses, this trial is not a match for you. There may be other studies in which you might be interested. Please check for other NASH clinical trials.

To try again, please click here

Thank you! Based on your responses you may be eligible to participate. If you are interested in participating, please contact one of the trial sites listed below.  Additionally, in the states of CA and NY, some sites provide the option of mobile visits, allowing participation from your home.

To take the pre-screener again, please click here.

Click on a state to see a list of clinical sites:

> California

> Florida

> Massachusetts

> Maryland

> Michigan

> Minnesota

> Ohio

> Pennsylvania

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> Virginia