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About Signature

Patients & Caregivers


Clinical trials are a crucial part of developing and approving new cancer drugs—and getting them to the patients who need them. The Novartis Signature Trial Program gives patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials in a new and innovative approach.

Signature brings the clinical trial to the patient

Signature is a new kind of clinical trial developed by US Novartis Oncology. Instead of traveling far to see a doctor, the patient can stay locally and be treated by a research doctor closer to home—no matter what kind of cancer the patient has.

The drugs that are being tested in the Signature Trial are made to work on specific genes inside a cancer cell that are not normal. The patient’s cancer cells are tested to find out if they have an abnormal gene. If the test is positive, the patient may be able to take part in the trial (as long as they meet the other trial requirements).

So what does this mean for the patient? 

  • Precise matching of genetic alterations to potentially relevant drugs
  • Rapid enrollment in drug studies
  • No geographical restrictions on participation within the United States
  • Access to new investigational therapies

Talk to your doctor for more information about the Novartis Signature Trial Program.