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What should my doctor know before I join a clinical trial?

It is important to discuss your options with medical experts, including your own doctor, as well as with those close to you. Your personal doctor—who may be your family doctor—can counsel you about your choices and whether you should opt for standard treatment or volunteer for a clinical trial.

You should take every opportunity to talk to your doctor and ask any questions that you may have about your treatment. The more you understand about your condition and your treatment, the better you will be able to help your doctor work with you effectively and understand if a clinical trial could be right for you.

You may want to consider taking a friend or relative along with you when you talk to your doctor about your care. Also, it can often help you and your doctor if you plan what to ask and write down a list of questions. It is important to remember that no question is foolish, and that asking questions will make sure you are well informed when making decisions about your care.